In this post we look at 5 Melbourne Winter Activities to enjoy. While Melbourne likes to be the city that is always basking under the warmth of the sun, it still receives its share of cooler days. Despite being known for rain, most of its cooler days are experienced during the winter, although Melbourne does get the occasional rainy, cold or blustery day during the rest of the year too.

It’s a good idea to have a few winter activities planned for such an event! It might be hard to convince yourself to venture out of your cosy Melbourne hotel, however there are plenty of places visit and things to do that will still keep you dry and warm.

Here’s our Top 5 Melbourne Winter Activities:

Queen Victoria Markets

Queen Victoria Markets

Everybody loves a good market, and Melbourne’s sprawling bazaar is so well-loved that it’s known affectionately to locals as ‘Vic Market’ or ‘Queen Vic’. Stretching over two city blocks, these markets are undercover and full of fascinating products and people that will keep you busy for as long as the cold weather lasts. Here you’ll find local produce such as fruit and vegetables, both local and imported gourmet foods, cosmetics, clothing and souvenirs. The markets open every day except Mondays and Wednesdays, so you can head there almost any day of the week.

Eureka Skydeck

Eureka Skydeck

If you encounter Melbourne on a cold but clear day, one of your best options could be to visit the Eureka Skydeck. Here you’ll come across the best views of the city from the vantage point of 88 storeys above the ground. You’ll get a jaw-dropping view of the central business district, sports precinct, Port Phillip Bay and the docklands. Decide whether you want to see these views during the day, or at night for the twinkling lights. One option for your visit is to try out the ‘Edge Experience’, which is essentially a large glass box that projects three metres out from the tower. Walk into it and feel what it’s like to be suspended 300 metres above the ground.

melbourne museum

The Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum is within walking distance of the central business district and is home to enough distractions from the wild weather to keep you entertained – and educated – for hours on end. This indoor attraction offers insights into Australia’s history, as well as secrets of the forest, insights into the world of insects and all things creepy crawly. Undoubtedly the most popular object at present is the Phar Lap exhibit, where visitors can see a display of the great horse up close.

Melbourne Planetarium

The Melbourne Planetarium

Natural beauty is always under your nose, or in this case, above your head, but winter isn’t the nicest season when it comes to letting you see the night sky. There’s always clouds in the way or it’s too cold to stand outside and see them, no matter how much you want to. That’s when the Planetarium becomes your shining star in armour! It doesn’t matter what time of day or season you go, it will provide you with a simulated astronomical spectacular to enjoy in the comfort of a reclining seat and surround sound. Or if you really are determined to see the real night sky, don’t give up, Melbourne has a couple places that you just might want to check out.

philip island australia

Philip Island

Just 90 minutes from the CBD, Phillip Island is home to a world-famous fairy penguin colony. Take a walk down the Penguin Parade boardwalks through the penguin colony to the beach, keeping an eye out for burrows along the way.

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