Collingwood is a suburb 3 km north-east of Melbourne’s city centre. It is one of the oldest suburbs in Melbourne bordered by Smith Street, Alexandra Parade, Hoddle Street and Victoria Parade.  The suburb was originally named after Baron Collingwood in 1842. The suburb is notable for its historical buildings and nineteenth century dwellings, including shops and factories. Many of the buildings are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Collingwood’s housing consists of a large number of high-rise housing commission flats and a number of older single and double storey former workers cottages on small subdivisions.

Things to do

Shopping is popular in Collingwood. Smith Street is home to a whole range of outlet stores, as well as many independent shops. It’s a diverse shopping area with something for everyone. Shoppers can even indulge in some delicious international cuisine during a busy day exploring the shops. Collingwood offer something from all corners of the globe. From Turkish, Greek and Japanese to Vietnamese, South American and vegetarian options.

You’re never far from a bar in this suburb either. Pubs are situated on almost every street corner and the variety of bars will keep you entertained through the evening. Not all the best pubs are easy to find though. Sneak down some of the side streets and you’ll find some excellent venues. Converted warehouses and factories are now the place to hang out with friends on a Saturday night.