The Murray River Australia

The Murray River Australia is the countries longest river. In total, it measures 2,508 kilometres (1,558 miles) spanning a number of states. It rises in the Australian Alps and flows through the inland plains. The river forms sections of the borders between Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Eventually, the Murray River Australia flows into the Southern Ocean at Lake Alexandrina, about 100 km southeast of Adelaide.

The Murray River carries a variety of native fish, such as the Murray Cod, Trout Cod and Silver Perch. Take a closer look and you’ll also see Murray short-necked Turtles, Yabbies and Platypus too.

From Echuca and other towns along the Murray, paddle steamer cruises are available. This is indeed a tranquil way of seeing the scenery and wildlife. Along the river there are motels, caravan parks and camping sites which are perfect for a family vacation or romantic getaway.

The Rivers Path

From its beginnings in the mountains, the Murray meanders through world-renowned wetlands. It also flows through the world’s largest river red gum forests as well as bird-filled lake systems. It continues past starkly beautiful outback plains of sandhills and saltpans. The Murray River also passes through the region known as the Mallee. This is where the species of eucalyptus tree known as the Mallee Gum grows.

The Murray River is part of the Murray-Darling river system. This is part of Australia’s most important irrigated region. The Murray is joined on its journey by the Murrumbidgee and Edward rivers. Each have their own thriving ecosystems.


Spend some time down by the water’s edge and you’ll meet some incredible native residents. From kangaroos, emus and goannas, to kingfishers and cockatoos. National parks give you a ringside seat to take in the flora and fauna which make this area unique. There are 35 endangered species of birds, 16 species of endangered mammals and over 35 different native fish species living within its varied environs.